Name BIRDIE WING - Golf Girls' Story
PublisherWOWWOW Technology
Size955 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese

BIRDIE WING – Golf Girls’ Story is a colorful and vibrant 3D golf sports game on the Nintendo Switch platform, developed by WOWWOW Technology. This game gives players a realistic golf experience, from basic training sessions to top competitions with many maps, clubs and levels from easy to difficult.

In the world of BIRDIE WING, you will accompany Eve, Aoi and their friends on the journey to discover this noble sport. The game not only focuses on golf technique but also cleverly recreates the classic plot from the cartoon of the same name, helping players feel more deeply about each character and their story.

BIRDIE WING brings a sense of realism with a rich story mode where you will experience exciting situations, from personal challenges to tough competitions. Each level is meticulously designed, from the golf course landscape to the complexity of each golf hole, providing a vivid and realistic experience.

Not only stopping at single player mode, BIRDIE WING also supports multiplayer mode, allowing you and your friends to use Joy-Con to participate in competitive or cooperative matches. This helps increase excitement and connection between players, turning each golf match into a memorable memory.

In particular, the game also integrates interesting mini-games such as skillful putting practice, helping players improve their skills and try unique challenges. These mini games not only help practice skills but also bring moments of relaxation and entertainment.

BIRDIE WING – Golf Girls’ Story is not only a sports game, but also a colorful and exciting adventure. Join Eve, Aoi and friends in this enchanting world of golf, experience thrilling competitions and discover touching stories. With detailed graphics, smooth gameplay and engaging storyline, BIRDIE WING will definitely bring you hours of wonderful and unforgettable entertainment.

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