Name Bish Bash Bots
Size1.2 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Bish Bash Bots is a unique and attractive tower defense game from the famous game maker Firestoke, for players on electronic platforms. In a world where robots have become an indispensable part of daily life, an unexpected incident causes these robots to rebel, creating a global emergency. You, along with a team of reluctant heroes, will team up to restore order and save humanity.

Strategy and Action: A Perfect Combination

This game offers a thrilling combination of tower defense strategy and combat action, where you will not only build defensive towers but also participate directly in dynamic clashes. Build watchtowers, equip weapons, and use everything from giant hammers to modern traps to stop the advancing waves of robots.

Adventure In A World Of Colors

Explore colorful locations and life in Bish Bash Bots, from hot volcanoes to steamy forests. Each area brings unique challenges and enemies, requiring you to adapt and develop a strategy to win. With 32 diverse levels, this game promises to bring you hours of non-stop entertainment.

Diverse Play Modes

Bish Bash Bots are perfect for both single player and multiplayer modes. You can join friends in co-op mode, locally or online, and work together to defeat enemies. More than just combat and defense, the game also facilitates creativity and customization of your character, with many personalization options to express your own play style.

Unlock and Upgrade

As you progress through the game, you will unlock new technology and improvements for your character and tower. Each achievement not only makes you stronger, but also opens up new approaches to tackling levels, from improving weapons to increasing defenses.

The Ever-Changing Experience

With regular updates and an active community of players, Bish Bash Bots is a game that never stops innovating. Each play brings a new experience, with different challenges and rewards waiting to be discovered.

Bish Bash Bots is more than just a game; It’s an adventure, a battle, and a chance to show off your tactical talent. Get ready to jump in and save the world in the most spectacular way possible!

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