Name Cats and the Other Lives
Size720 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Cats and the Other Lives is an emotional puzzle adventure game, developed by OverGamez and published on multiple platforms. The game tells the story of a broken family through the perspective of a house cat, giving players unique and profound experiences.

In Cats and the Other Lives, you will transform into Aspen, the Mason family’s cat. The story begins when Bernard Mason, the family patriarch, passes away. Members of the Mason family return to their childhood home to remember and resolve questions from the past. Aspen the cat will be the central character, leading players through the rich memories and stories spanning decades of this family.

The game uses simple but very intuitive point-and-click mechanics that match your cat’s natural behavior. Players will explore every corner of the Mason Manor house, recreated through beautiful 2D pixel art, combined with modern cinematic lighting effects. Each corner of the house contains secrets and stories of each family member, creating a panorama of a family with many feelings and memories.

Aspen is not a talking cat or has supernatural powers, but simply a normal house cat. However, it is through this simple perspective that players will witness the complicated relationships, hopes and regrets of the Mason family members. You’ll follow the scents, stir up trouble during stressful meals, and gradually discover the unique role Aspen plays in connecting and changing people’s lives.

One of the game’s specialties is the way it exploits cats’ natural behavior to create fun and unique game sequences. You’ll lead Aspen through small missions, like tracking scents, finding items, and even causing unexpected events in the house. From there, the game not only brings joy but also deeply portrays the bond of a family through small but meaningful actions.

Cats and the Other Lives is not just an ordinary puzzle game, but also a touching story about family love and connection. Each chapter of the game will take players through different events and emotions, from joy to sadness, from moments of peace to fierce conflicts. Aspen, from a silent witness, gradually becomes an important figure, affecting the lives of everyone in the family.

This game is truly an emotional journey, not only captivated by its engaging gameplay but also by its deep and realistic story. Cats and the Other Lives will definitely bring players unforgettable experiences, helping them better understand family affection and the values ​​behind every small action in life.

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