Name Disgaea 4 Complete+
PublisherNIS America
CategoryRole Playing
Size4.85 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, French, Japanese

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is the sequel to the game of the same name, an expanded and improved version of the classic tactical role-playing game, developed by NIS America and launching on Nintendo Switch on October 29, 2019 This game takes players into a world full of monsters and fierce battles, where you will participate in battles against corrupt forces to overthrow them and restore justice.

In Disgaea 4 Complete+, players take on the role of Valvatorez, a vampire who was once a powerful count but must now lead a rebellion against the evil forces ruling Hades. Valvatorez, with a promise that changed his life, will not rest until he fulfills his promise and brings justice. The character, along with his army of allies, including werewolves, angels, and other interesting characters, must face challenging challenges and uncover dark secrets of the government.

The game offers a deep tactical gameplay with a complex combat system where players can utilize the environment and strategic elements to win. Disgaea 4 Complete+ also introduces new features such as the ability to interact and fight on a flying pirate ship, opening up new opportunities for players to explore and conquer.

In addition, the game also includes all bonus scenarios, characters, and classes from the original game along with improved graphics and sound, making Disgaea 4 Complete+ the most complete version of the game. game so far. The blend of signature humor and deep story creates a tactical role-playing game like no other, satisfying both longtime fans and newcomers alike.

With Disgaea 4 Complete+, you not only engage in tactical battles but also a story of love, loss and politics, all wrapped up in a colorful and exciting fictional setting. taste. Explore the vast world of Disgaea, create your own army and fight for justice in an unforgettable journey.

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