Name The Pale Beyond
PublisherFellow Traveller
Size1.2 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English

Have you ever imagined yourself trapped in the middle of an icy wasteland with no escape, where every decision could mean survival or death? The Pale Beyond, a 3D tactical adventure game developed by Fellow Traveler and released on Nintendo Switch on October 6, 2023, gives players exactly that feeling.

A Journey With No Escape

In The Pale Beyond, players take on the role of a member of an expedition trapped in the icy waters of The Pale Passage, a mysterious region where darkness and bitter cold are constant dangers. .

The special feature of the game is the detailed and vivid representation of the surrounding environment, the cold wind as well as loneliness, making players feel like they are really on a life and death journey. .

Resource Management and Decision Making

One of the factors that makes The Pale Beyond stand out is its extremely realistic resource management system. Players must consider every decision, from food distribution to keeping the crew warm – and the sled dogs. Every decision has consequences, and good management can be the key to surviving harsh winters.

Not Just a Game

The Pale Beyond is more than just a game – it’s a story about survival, about facing and overcoming difficult challenges. The game offers an emotional experience as players face tense situations, choosing between courage and fear, between sacrifice and self-help.

Immersive Music

The soundtrack in The Pale Beyond is uniquely composed with shanties and accordions, bringing a sense of nostalgia and depth. Music not only adds to the atmosphere of the game, but also contributes to building a world in which players can be fully immersed.


If you are a lover of the tactical adventure genre and want to challenge yourself in a harsh environment, The Pale Beyond is definitely a game not to be missed. Prepare to embark on a journey filled with challenges and emotions, where each decision you make not only affects your survival but also catalyzes a compelling and unpredictable story.

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daniel miner
daniel miner
23 days ago

xci not available liars