Name Animal Hospital
Size1 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Animal Hospital is a simulation game about a pet hospital, developed by Nacon and released on Nintendo Switch on October 19, 2023. The game gives players the opportunity to become a veterinarian, manage a pet hospital and take care of adorable animal patients.

In Animal Hospital, you will experience the work of a real veterinarian. Your mission is to examine, diagnose and treat animals from all over the world, from familiar cats and dogs to unique animals like pandas, foxes, koalas and even unicorns. You will have to participate in mini games to make the correct diagnosis and best care for the patient.

The game doesn’t just stop at treating diseases, you also have to manage and develop your hospital. By decorating and customizing your facility, you can create a cozy and modern animal care space. As your hospital grows, you’ll unlock new equipment and tools, helping to treat more diseases and attract more patients.

Taking care of your patients’ health doesn’t just stop at treatment, you also have to make sure they are well fed and receive love. From feeding and drinking them, to comforting and caring for them as they recover, every action helps improve their health.

Animal Hospital offers a fun and rewarding experience, especially for those who love animals. The game not only helps you better understand the work of a veterinarian, but also brings a sense of satisfaction when you see your animal patients healthy again. With bright graphics and engaging gameplay, Animal Hospital promises to be a game not to be missed for those who love the animal care and simulation genre.

Explore the world of Animal Hospital today and experience the joy of being a talented veterinarian. With diverse animal patients and many interesting challenges, the game will bring you hours of relaxation and inspiration. Get ready to take on the challenge and grow your hospital to the next level!

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