Name ASTRO AQUA KITTY: Pawsome Collection
Size781 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English

ASTRO AQUA KITTY: Pawsome Collection – Explore endless space with brave cats on Nintendo Switch! Developed by Tikipod, this game offers an action-packed adventure where you control a spaceship and face off against a fleet of terrifying monsters.

Get ready for a new space adventure where Aqua Kitty is equipped and ready to fight. Choose your crew and embark on a journey to explore mysterious asteroids. You will have to fight against alien enemies and mine valuable gems to upgrade weapons and equip your spaceship. Don’t forget to level up your team’s unique skills as you gain experience.

But be careful, mischievous pirate rabbits are always lurking to steal your loot. They will not hesitate to attack to usurp what you have painstakingly collected!

ASTRO AQUA KITTY: Pawsome Collection is not one but two challenging games in one collection. You will experience both versions: Astro Aqua Kitty and Aqua Kitty UDX, with the epic new Dreadnought mode, bringing breathtaking battles under the ocean.

Embark on this exhilarating space adventure, fight against unique enemies, and defend yourself against pirate rabbits. Explore the magical beauty of the universe with brave cats in ASTRO AQUA KITTY: Pawsome Collection!

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