Name Boxville
PublisherTriomatica Games
Size2 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English

Boxville is a unique adventure puzzle game from Triomatica Games that has conquered the hearts of players on Nintendo Switch since its release on June 1, 2023. Taking you into a fictional world where cans able to express emotions and have its own life, Boxville is not just a game, but also a touching story told through the art of cardboard covers and characters created by the talented hands of artists. painter.

In this game, you will control Blue Can, a brave blue can, on a journey to find your best friend who has gone missing after a mysterious earthquake. The adventure is not simply about overcoming levels, but also a journey to discover the true cause behind the earthquakes and save your friends and city.

Boxville’s gameplay perfectly combines cartoons and puzzle games, creating an exciting and multi-dimensional gaming experience. Each puzzle is designed to not only challenge the player’s intelligence but also stimulate the player’s creativity. There are no words in the game, every story and interaction is conveyed through careful animation and sound, making it feel like you’re directly participating in an animated film.

Each scene in Boxville is a work of art, with vibrant and detailed hand-drawn graphics. The game’s music is equally important, with unique tracks composed specifically for each scene, enhancing the atmosphere and emotion of the story.

Boxville is the perfect choice for those who love puzzle games and seek a touching story. The game is suitable for playing alone, immersing yourself in a world full of intellectual challenges, or with friends and family, sharing exciting moments and solving difficult puzzles together. No matter how you choose to play, Boxville promises to bring hours of unforgettable entertainment, while provoking deep reflection on the value of friendship and resilience.

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