Name Great Ambition of the SLIMES
PublisherFlyhigh Works
Size384 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Great Ambition of the SLIMES is a unique tactical simulation role-playing game from Flyhigh Works, released for Nintendo Switch on September 14, 2023. The game takes players into a fantasy world where creatures Weak slimes are not only the hunted but also have the ability to dominate by possessing powerful warriors and mages to fight in fierce battles.

In Great Ambition of the SLIMES, you are challenged with the task of controlling your army of slimes to fight against hostile forces in a campaign to take control of vast lands. The slimes in this game have the unique ability to possess humans’ bodies and use their skills to fight, creating a deep and complex tactical element.

The game combines elements of a roguelike with tactical turn-based combat, requiring players to think strategically and quickly adapt to changing situations. Every decision, from slime selection for each battle to resource management and skill upgrades, can lead to victory or defeat.

The game’s combat system allows slimes to possess not only warriors and mages but also other creatures in the game world, each with unique skills and strengths. This opens up a wide range of strategies and weapon combinations that players can use to gain an advantage in battle.

The graphics in Great Ambition of the SLIMES are a highlight with a colorful and vivid art style, bringing a gentle but interesting feeling. The music and sound effects are designed to match the game’s magical and suspenseful atmosphere, adding depth and intrigue to the overall experience.

Great Ambition of the SLIMES is more than just a strategy game; it is also a story about the power that lies in unexpected places and the ability of strategic intelligence to change the course of a battle. This is an ideal game for strategy lovers and those looking for a fresh challenge in a unique fantasy setting.

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