PublisherDevolver Digital
Size3.8 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

In a world of colorful and unexpected games, GRIS is a game created by Devolver Digital that stands out as a gem with its engaging action-adventure gameplay, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. This is not just a game; It is an emotional journey, a profound psychological struggle through the eyes of the main character – the young girl Gris.

Gris, the main character in the game, is a teenage girl full of hope and optimism. Suddenly lost in a fantasy world of her own, she faces painful experiences that have left a deep mark on her life. Gris’s dress is not just a costume, it is also a symbol of strength, giving her new abilities to overcome the dark, fading world.

GRIS makes a strong impression with its sophisticated art style and elegant original soundtrack. Each scene in the game is a vivid picture, detailed animation and unique design, perfectly matched with soothing music, bringing players into a relaxing, contemplative space.

With no danger, frustration or death, GRIS is a serene gaming experience, based on exploration and gentle puzzle solving. Platforming sequences and skill-based challenges are designed to encourage players to explore and interact with the world around them naturally and creatively.

GRIS is a unique, almost text-free experience, controlled only through universal icons, making this game a work of art that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of language. language. With a deeply emotional story and innovative gameplay, “GRIS” is definitely a valuable addition to your game library on Nintendo Switch, bringing emotion, reflection and relaxation to every step. step of the journey.

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