Name Onigo Hunter
CategoryRole Playing
Size355 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, Japanese

Onigo Hunter is a classic role-playing adventure game from developer KEMCO, bringing players on Nintendo Switch a colorful and challenging fantasy world. In this game, you will play as a young hunter, tasked with finding the missing king while exploring ancient ruins and fighting powerful monsters to protect the princess and the king. country.

The plot of Onigo Hunter attracts players from the first moments when you embark on the journey to discover the reason behind the mysterious disappearance of the King. Ancient ruins are full of secrets and dangers, and every step brings new challenges for you to overcome.

Onigo Hunter’s gameplay is characterized by a deep turn-based combat system, allowing players to use tactics and strategy to win. You can collect and combine items found from monsters to create new equipment and items, strengthening your character. Furthermore, changing equipment not only improves character stats but also changes their appearance, providing a highly personalized experience for players.

Onigo Hunter is an adventure, a story about courage, friendship and sacrifice. As you progress through the game, you will meet and interact with different characters, each of whom has their own story and affects your journey in different ways.

For those who love the role-playing game genre and want to challenge themselves in dramatic battles, Onigo Hunter is a great choice. The game not only provides an engaging storyline but also offers challenges that require ingenuity and creativity in gameplay. Explore the vast, diverse world of Onigo Hunter, where each decision you make not only affects your character’s fate but also the world around you.

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