Name Rakuen: Deluxe Edition
PublisherMorizora Studios
Size200 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, Japanese

Rakuen: Deluxe Edition is an immersive experience that is not limited to battles but also explores the depths of emotions and humanity. Rakuen was created by Morizora Studios, this game leads players on the journey of a boy in the hospital, where every story promises to touch your heart.

Starting from a simple dream, the boy wanted to explore the fantasy world from his favorite book with his beloved mother. His wish is to meet the Guardian of the Forest to receive a wish. But it’s not just a trip, every step in this fantasy world is also an attempt to help his hospital neighbors, thereby discovering their different selves and solving their problems. topic not completed.

Unique Features of Rakuen game:

  • Touching Story: The journey in Rakuen is not just about gameplay, but also about touching, profound stories. The boy and his mother not only go on adventures but also solve relationships and mysteries that intertwine fact and fiction.
  • Adventure Without Combat: Unlike many other role-playing games, Rakuen focuses on solving puzzles, uncovering mysteries, and human interaction instead of combat. Challenges are puzzle-based and interact to progress through the story.
  • Exclusive Soundtrack: Each character in the game has its own song, creating a rich original soundtrack that enhances the emotional experience and immersion of the game.
  • Relationship Building: A special element is the ability to collect items and build relationships, transforming the hospital from a cold space into a warmer, friendlier one.
  • Take on Unique Quests: Funny and creative quests await you in the fantasy world, from searching for magical creatures to solving complex puzzles.

Rakuen: Deluxe Edition is not just a game, but a journey filled with love and understanding, opening the door to a world where dreams and reality blend.

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