Name Tray Racers
PublisherBit Loom
Size750 MB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Tray Racers is a fresh and innovative 3D racing experience on Nintendo Switch, developed by Bit Loom and launching on April 13, 2023. This game gives players the opportunity to explore a new world. colorful and humorous post-apocalyptic world, where races are not just about speed but also about fun and interaction.

With a unique approach to using the tray as a means of transportation, Tray Racers brings a new breeze in the racing game genre. Players can race alone or with up to 16 other players through online play, exploring randomly generated tracks filled with obstacles and strange creatures.

The world of Tray Racers is a rich playground with diverse terrain such as cactus forests, hot deserts, and adventurous wastelands. Each race is an adventure, where players can perform aerial tricks, hitch a ride with giant desert creatures, and explore mysterious areas of the map.

More than just a game, Tray Racers is also a community where players can interact and build relationships. Between races, you can participate in activities at the Summer Camp, where you can play music, chat and relax under the starry night sky.

Tray Racers’ emphasis is on fun and inclusion. The game encourages healthy interaction and creativity, with features like character customization and race trays, while also providing a positive perspective on the environment and community connection.

Tray Racers is not only an entertaining game, but also an experience that enriches the social life of players. With thrilling races, relaxing moments with friends, and a colorful world to explore, Tray Racers is the perfect choice for those who love speed.

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