CategoryRole Playing
Size5.8 GB
Console Nintendo Switch
Language English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

TRIANGLE STRATEGY brings an unmissable tactical role-playing experience on the Nintendo Switch platform, developed by famous game company Nintendo. Entering the world of TRIANGLE STRATEGY, players will transform into Serenoa Wolffort, the prestigious heir to House Wolffort. Faced with fateful choices, each decision you make not only affects the battle but also writes the fate of the kingdom.

The game’s unique combat system allows players to control characters on a multi-layered tactical map, using their surroundings to plan attacks or defenses. From placing units in high positions to increase their range, to using environmental elements like fire and lightning to your advantage, each match requires creativity and strategy.

More than just tactics, TRIANGLE STRATEGY is also a story about loyalty, morality and power. Each decision you make will affect three key beliefs: Utility, Morality, and Freedom, affecting the relationships and allies you can recruit. Characters in the group will vote on the Trust Scale to decide the direction of the story, thereby opening up different details and endings.

With a unique HD-2D visual style, a perfect combination of 3D environments and pixel-art characters, TRIANGLE STRATEGY is not only a strategy game, but also a work of art. Every landscape, from the frozen lands of Aesfrost to the green forests of Glenbrook, is vividly recreated, providing a compelling backdrop for adventure.

Start your journey with the free Prologue Demo, and let your progress continue into the full game after purchase. Explore the vast world of Norzelia, and see how each decision you make affects the battle for control of precious resources. A world full of difficult choices and strategic victories awaits you.

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